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New collection

Sing the Seagull's Song

My new photography book is a paean to Oceanside. It's the culmination of a years-long effort to capture the flavor and texture of a beach town brimming with classic cars, seascapes and street scenes. Available on Blurb. 



The poetic impulse

I began writing in earnest when I was a teen living in Italy. My father was a diplomat, and the family moved from San Juan to Rome. I went to American schools, and majored in English Literature. I started teaching  English at several Italian schools. My head was full of books and poets, especially Ezra Pound, the subject of my thesis. As I was writing it, I met Irish poet Desmond O'Grady through a mutual friend. Desmond was Pound's former secretary. He would go through my poems and make suggestions when we met at the loft of an Italian poet. We did a reading at a theater in Rome, and the stage had paintings by a fellow artist. Desmond taught me that a successful poem is like a house of cards: every word has a function.  

The Elastic Dome 

I began writing "The Elastic Dome" shortly after my father died. The poems were a response to my grief and a deflection of my loss. They were my way of coping. Several of the poems were compiled by transcribing snippets of radio broadcasts with a typewriter. Available on Amazon.

Postcards From The Tattooed Man's Chest

This is my first collection. I worked on many of the poems in Rome, and completed it in San Diego. The book has some early paintings and collages. I have a few of these left. $20 plus $5 shipping

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