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The quest for poetry


Edwin Feliu was born in San Juan and lived and studied in Rome, where he collaborated with other artists while honing his verse and earning a degree in English literature. His has been a search for poetry in its myriad manifestations. He finds it in the mundane, the small gifts strewn before us along the way.

 Feliu started taking pictures in boyhood with his dad's Polaroid Land camera. He learned to shoot 35mm with a Canon AE-1 while living in Rome. He also learned how to develop and enlarge prints. Upon his return to San Juan, Feliu visited FSA photographer Jack Delano, an early influence, and they shared work. Feliu worked at The San Juan Star, and his photographs appeared in the features and news sections. 
The quest for the poetic image has taken Feliu from San Juan to Rome, and across Europe to San Diego. This search is emblematic of his identity as an artist. He finds himself equally at home in the alleys of Oceanside and the streets of Berlin. The quest for identity as a poet and photographer, as a Latino and American, has shaped his work. 






1997 - 1998

Masters work on early English literature. University of Puerto Rico. 


B.A. in English literature.

John Cabot University, Rome, Italy. 

Recent publications and events


Group exhibit at the Oceanside Museum
of Art.

Published "Sing the Seagull's Song," an ode
to Oceanside and its streets. 


Launches Poetry on Demand for Puerto Rico to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Maria. The project seeks to help others in need through the transformative power of the typewritten word. 




Pop-up photography exhibit in downtown Carlsbad, CA. 


Pop-up painting show in Palm Springs, CA. 



Oceanside Museum of Art Biennial Auction

Oceanside Library street-photography show


Escondido Arts Partnership.

Exhibits paintings and photographs.

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