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A place apart

Last week I returned to the Rosicrucian grounds. My fascination with the tree by the side of a building hasn't diminished despite photographing it for so long: there's always the feeling that something awaits---something that hadn't revealed itself.

Initially these pictures were taken in 35mm, but I switched to medium format because they have more depth and drama. They were transformed. I've been using a Pentacon Six TL, a German camera I enjoy despite its malfunctions.

I usually have the place to myself: visitors are few. The groundskeeper recognizes me, and we've chatted. I've met a few others in the five years I've been photographing the grounds. It's hard to overstate the serenity of the place. It has been a refuge and a balm. I've come to understand that the better pictures surface when we know a place well, and that takes time. There are always small gifts along the way.

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